Buckingham – A Fairtrade Town

Buckingham gained Fairtrade Town status on 15th September 2007. The certificate was presented to the Mayor by Margaret Gateley of the Fairtrade Town Steering Group, witnessed by many members of the Town Council, local Churches and townspeople, while entertainment was provided by the Winslow Concert Band. There was also a Fairtrade fair in the Old Gaol.
This represented work that had been going on, largely unnoticed, since the Town Council made a commitment in October 2004 to serve Fairtrade tea and coffee at its meetings and in its offices. A small steering group was formed in May 2005 with the aim of achieving Fairtrade Town status for Buckingham. This involved fulfilling five goals, set by the Fairtrade Foundation, an organisation dedicated to promoting Fairtrade; all those goals have now been met.
Fairtrade fights poverty and improves lives through trade. This is how:

  • Fairtrade guarantees a fair and stable price;
  • Fairtrade provides an additional premium to enable whole community projects such as school-building, sanitation, a water pump or healthcare programmes; (things which we take for granted, such as clean water or a health clinic);
  • Fairtrade requires producer organisations to offer safe working conditions and prohibits exploitative child labour;
  • Fairtrade encourages environmental awareness and sustainable methods of production;
  • Fairtrade enables producers in marginalized societies to tackle trade injustice caused by unfair tariffs and subsidies, so that they can reach international markets;
  • Fairtrade provides disadvantaged producers with a regular income, so that they can send their children to school, giving the next generation a chance to avoid poverty.

It is just a small step in the direction of greater fairness in world trade. We hope to build on this process by getting more businesses and community groups on board.
Consumers’ increasing demand for Fairtrade products means that more farmers are able to sell more of their produce under Fairtrade terms, strengthening their organisations, building long-term relationships and increasing benefits to their communities.
We urge you all to make good use of your spending power by looking out for the Fairtrade logo and choosing that item, thereby contributing to a better future for people in the poorest countries in the world.

Fair Trade Businesses

  • Buckingham Old Gaol, Market Hill
  • Buckingham Community Wildlife Project
  • Buckingham Festival of Music and Drama
  • Buckingham Town Council
  • Duke’s Music shop, 24 Market Hill, Buckingham,
  • National Trust Tea Rooms, Stowe Landscape Gardens
  • St Peter & St Paul Church
  • St Bernadine’s Church, Chandos Road, Buckingham
  • Twyford United Reformed Church
  • Well Street United Church
  • Finca El Monte, 7a Well Street, Buckingham

Would you like your business or organisation to appear on this list? Change your workplace or business to Fair Trade! Visit www.fairtrade.org.uk/work/ for information on how to switch.

Then let the team know: contact Tina Mitchell 01280 814544, Ruth Newell  01280 815229 or Val Rushton 01280 824942.


  • Aldi, Osier Way, Buckingham. Offers as available Fairtrade tea, coffee, chocolate, bananas and roses.
  • At Home, 1 Well Street, Buckingham. 01280 821452. Sells fairly traded  gifts and homeware from Dassie and Nkuku. www.athomebucks.co.uk
  • Back to Nature, 14 Cornwall Place, Buckingham. 01280 812694. www.facebook.com/Back-to-Nature Sells Fairtrade items including cocoa, Rooibos tea bags, herbal teas, quinoa, coffee, molasses, rice cakes and noodles.
  • Belci Food and Wine, 6 High Street, Buckingham 01280 821397. Sells Fairtrade chocolate, snacks and sugar.
  • Dandy Lions Boutique, 16 Cornwall Place, Buckingham. 01280 812775. www.dandylionsboutique.co.uk Sells fairly traded children’s clothes, gifts, wooden and knitted toys from Frugi, Lanka Kade, Pigeon, Kite and Pebble.
  • Finca el Monte, 7a Well Street, Buckingham 01280 308014 www.fincaelmonte.com  Sells fairly traded homewares and gifts, including ceramics, rugs, bags, throws, glass and ethically sourced products from all over the world.
  • Marks & Spencer Simply Food, Stratford Road, Buckingham. Sells Fairtrade marmalade, sugar, coffee, bananas, wine, tea, hot chocolate and seasonal flowers.
  • Oxfam, 6/ 7 Market Square, Buckingham 01280 823207. Sells Fairtrade chocolate, toiletries and seasonal Traidcraft products.
  • Sainsbury’s Local, 37 Chandos Road, Buckingham. Sells Fairtrade bananas, tea, coffee, chocolate, dried fruit, nuts and wine.
  • Tesco Superstore, London Road, Buckingham. Sells Fairtrade tea, coffee, bananas, chocolate, nuts and ice cream.
  • Waitrose, Meadow Walk, Buckingham 01280 813479. Sells Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar, honey, chocolate, dried fruit and bananas. Waitrose Foundation is a Fairtrade certified organisation.


  • Cafe Ignite: St Peter and St Paul Church, Saturday 10am- 12 noon. Offers Fairtrade tea and coffee, alongside a Traidcraft stall.
  • Chantry Chapel Book Shop. Chantry Chapel (National Trust) Market Hill, Buckingham. 01280 817156. Offers Fairtrade hot drinks on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10am- 3pm.
  • Esquires Coffee 30 West Street, Buckingham. 01280 824113. www.esquirescoffee.co.uk Serves Fairtrade, organic coffee, tea and hot chocolate.
  • Gyre & Gimble 9 Cornwall Place, Buckingham www.gyre-gimble.co.uk Offers fairly traded, artisan, single origin coffees and hot chocolate.
  • Hayloft Restaurant, Boycott Farm, Welsh Lane, Stowe, 01280 821286 www.boycottfarm.co.uk/farm-cafe Serves Fairtrade coffee. Fairtrade fudge available in the shop.
  • The King’s Head Coffee & Gin Bar, 7 Market Hill, Buckingham. 01280 812442 www.thekingsheadcoffeebar.com Serves Lichfield Fairtrade tea, herbal infusions and sugar.
  • National Trust Tea Rooms, New Inn Tearooms, Stowe. Serves Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar and fruit juice.
  • St Edmunds Community Coffee Morning, St Edmunds Church, Maids Moreton. Fairtrade tea and coffee served on Wednesdays 10am -12 noon.

Fairtrade in the Community

Fairtrade is actively supported by:

  • Buckingham Town Council
  • Destination Buckingham
  • Green Buckingham Group
  • Buckingham Old Gaol
  • Buckingham Community Wildlife Project
  • Buckingham Churches Together
  • Buckingham School
  • Royal Latin School
  • Buckingham Primary School

For Fairtrade news in Buckingham visit: www.facebook.com/BuckinghamFairtradeTown

To find out more or to book a speaker for your school or community group, please contact: Buckingham Fairtrade Town Steering Group: Margaret Gateley 01280 816317.

If you would you like to sell Fairtrade products or use Fairtrade in your workplace, visit: www.fairtrade.org.uk/For-Business

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